Course Registration Restriction Override Requests


Overrides are typically granted only in exceptional cases predominantly to final year students.
Elective courses and mandatory courses offered every semester are ineligible for overrides.

Notification Process:

Once your request has been processed you will receive a message via your MyCavehill email with a status update. It will indicate one of the following:
  • Override Permit Granted - You may proceed with your registration.
  • Override Approved - The Admissions Department will register you for your course.
  • Override Denied - Consult your assigned academic advisor for alternative options.
  • Additional Information Required - Further details needed to complete registration.
Requests Submitted This Semester
Registration Errors
There are no registration errors to display.
Please note the period for submitting override requests has ended. Please contact your faculty office for updates on previously submitted requests and any other queries on course registration.